- Don & Day-Lynn Jeskey

"My husband (Don) and I (Day-Lynn) have purchased a Reverse Osmosis water filter system from Capital Water & Air, and what a huge difference in our water.  I make coffee and the coffee tastes great (better than the jugged water that you buy).  A few great reasons we like it: 

  • Better coffee (tastes great)

  • No more trips to buy it (no pumping)

  • The plants love it too.

Just put your glass there and turn it on. Great!  What a convenience.  Also, the sales person was great (Luke) very kind and considerate, He did a fantastic job.  Excellent presentation.  Everything was great and now our water is great too!"


- Jeri & Larry Hewitt

 "Thank you for taking the time to come to our house to show us the Capital Water & Air Reverse Osmosis system.  Your presentation was done very efficiently and you presented your facts very well.

We had a reverse osmosis system in our previous house so we were aware of what the system does, but you showed us a reason for getting it again with our TBS so high.  Of course we were disappointed that we only received the showerhead- who wouldn't want a laptop, new car or $15,000. But in the end, it is the benefits of clean water that matters!

Thank you again for your presentation and for getting our system installed so quickly."


 - Marcia Murray

"I really enjoyed the presentation today, and learned so much about the water in my house that made me NEED this filtration system! I found the difference in water quality and taste fascinating! In comparison to the purified water, my tap water had a very strong chlorine taste and smell.  

I was disgusted to see how much cloudy, soapy residue washed out of my clean face cloth! one of the things that really got to me though was the chlorine I absorbed from the water just by rinsing the tap water through my mouth!  Knowing that I was absorbing those chemicals without even drinking the water was a real eye opener!  I am looking forward to the fresh water, the softer cleaning experience, and the mor intense taste to my food! Thanks!"


- D Mantle

"This evening was a learning experience.  I really did not know what our water existed off.  The most amazing knowledge that I was educated on was the minerals that we were laking.  The representative for Capital Water & Air was very professional, honest and did not take anything for granted.  He totally understood where we were coming from and was not pushy - it was our decision so far this has been a learning experience and I would like to thank you. "


- Marc & Angela McAdoo

"Thank you for the interesting and informative presentation. As far as sales presentations go, we were not exactly enthusiastic prior to the appointment but we were but your enthusiastic and friendly demeanour warmed us to the experience right away.  The water tests that you showed us were very eye opening and we are excited for the installation of our new water system, as well as all the products we will be getting with it. "


- Don & Bonnie Bruce

 "Our overall experience with the Simple Water Services presentation was a true eye opener! Their product presenter, Nate, was very knowledgeable and honest.  He provided us with a verbal and visual understanding which made us feel confident about our decision we made for the wellbeing of our family. Thank you."


- Mike Witts

Hi my name is Mike and I've worked for Pepsi for about 5-6 years now and I can't stress enough the importance on how fresh,clean water is to drink.  To stay hydrated is extremely important for all the right reasons. This water solution product is a very clean and affordable system to your family.  The demo really opens your eyes to see what we clean with and also consume on a daily basis.  When you taste the water and wash your hands you'll be instantly hooked.  If you do one thing for your family in 2013 make it this system and you won't go wrong and your family will love it!


- Mike Buzak

After the presentation it becomes literally obvious the benefits of the Simple Water System.  It is quite remarkable how different the water not only looks, but feels like as well.  Little to no maintenance and pure water for my family & pets is well worth the small investment.  As they say you are what you eat, but in this case, what you drink.  No more dry skin faded clothes and worn out appliances!